Resolutions of the XX Congress of Ukrainian Canadians

Resolutions of the XX Congress of Ukrainian Canadians October 7, 2001

WHEREAS Vision Quest 2001 initiated a community dialogue about personal visions and values, and community perspectives as a the first step toward articulating a shared vision for the Ukrainian Canadian community,
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the UCC continue and steer the dialogue process, facilitate the exchange of views, record, compile and analyze the information gathered, and present a report detailing the results of the dialogue process to the XXI Triennial Congress,
UCC will increase and expand its participation in the formation of Canada’s policies and programs that are relevant to the lives of Ukrainian Canadians.
WHEREAS the federal government’s current policy of denaturalization and deportation is contrary to the principles of fundamental justice which an integral part of the Canadian justice system, and
FURTHERMORE, this issue is of significance to Ukrainian Canadians since the government is recommending the revocation from Canadians of the citizenship they acquired half a century ago, and
DESPITE final findings by the Federal Court of Canada that there was no evidence that such individuals committed war crimes or crimes against humanity during World War II,
the XX Congress of Ukrainian Canadians endorses the position of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress relating to justice and citizenship developed with input from across Canada and in particular the UCC Toronto Committee for Justice, and
the justice and citizenship issues which encompass denaturalization and deportation matters have increased in urgency since the previous Congress and must be a priority.
As directed by the resolution of the Ukrainian World Congress (1988), UCC will seek Canada’s recognition of the 1932-33 famine genocide in Ukraine perpetrated by the tyrannical Soviet regime as an act of genocide and crime against humanity.
WHEREAS the average Canadian citizen is unfamiliar with genocide in Ukraine in 1932-33,
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that UCC put forth a proposal to provincial Ministries of Education in Canada to reflect in textbooks the theme of genocide in Ukraine in 1932-33.
The XX Congress calls upon UCC to undertake further efforts in the matter of restitution and apology for the internment of Ukrainians during World War One.
WHEREAS there is evidence of a current decline of Ukrainian Studies in Canadian universities,
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that UCC in cooperation with academic organizations find a suitable forum to discuss the current situation of Ukrainian Studies at Canadian universities and the feasibility to improve it.
UCC will exert pressure on the Government of Ukraine, through the Government of Canada and the Ukrainian World Congress, to advance democracy by adhering to the rule of law, by respecting human rights, by assuring freedom of the press and by promoting government reforms.
WHEREAS there is evidence of low immigration from Ukraine,
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that UCC approach the Government of Canada to review immigration legislation with the view of easing immigration to Canada.
UCC to reactivate a fully operational Ottawa Bureau.
UCC to consider holding the Triennial Congresses in Canadian cities other than Winnipeg

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