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The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) has been the subject of
controversy since its first conception due to its apparent focus more on one
specific historical tragedy over all others.
On April 23, 1999 I spoke in the House of Commons about the Holodomor,
the planned famine inflicted on Ukraine by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin in
1932-33. I said “Civilization’s failure must be put on public display so that
we can all see the dark side of humanity and hopefully learn.”
We have a duty to remember, to speak out when we become aware of
genocidal acts, and the Holodomor has been mostly misunderstood and
ignored for far too long. In the terrible days of 1932-33, when millions of
Ukrainians were dying, politicians from countries around the world chose
not to speak. They were silent while millions suffered and perished.
We must speak out, at every opportunity.

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