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Survey respondents prefer one genocide exhibit at CMHR

By: Aldo Santin

Posted: 03/23/2011 11:34 AM

A poll sponsored by organizations opposed to the exhibitions plans of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights shows that a majority of Canadians want one exhibit for all genocides rather than highlighting one genocide over all others.

The national telephone poll, conducted earlier this month by Nanos Research, found that 60.3 per cent of respondents preferred “one exhibit which covers all genocides equally”; 24.4 per cent support two exhibits — a permanent gallery for one genocide and all other genocides grouped in a separate exhibits; 15.3 per cent said they were unsure.

The poll question paid for by the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the Canadians for Genocide Education — who have been locked in a very public battle with the CMHR over its plans to house lessons from the Holocaust in a permanent exhibit.

The question on the CMHR was part of an omnibus poll conducted by telephone from March 12 to March 15 from among 1,216 Canadians. Nanos says the margin of accuracy for the national poll is 2.8 per cent, 19 times of out 20.

On a regional breakdown, 243 Prairie (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta) respondents said: 51.4 per cent supported one exhibit for all genocides; 27 per cent supported a two-exhibit concept; 21.6 per cent were unsure.

The poll question:

Would you prefer that there be one exhibit which covers all genocides equally or that there be one gallery that highlights a particular genocide permanently while all others are grouped together in a separate exhibit?

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