Holodomor vs. Holocaust : Controversy dogs Human Rights museum

Holodomor vs. Holocaust

Controversy dogs Human Rights museum

Courtesy of Winnipeg Sun


Dean Pritchard, Winnipeg Sun

First posted: Thursday, May 5, 2011 9:07:25 CDT PM


It’s the question that won’t go away: Should the Canadian Museum for Human Rights treat the Holocaust any differently than other historical genocides, such as the Ukrainian Holodomor?

The Holodomor is the name for a man-made famine engineered by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Millions died in Ukraine and other Soviet republics.

The museum raised the ire of many in the Ukrainian community following news it will be home to just two permanent, standalone galleries, one featuring the Holocaust, the other the plight of First Nations peoples. The Holodomor will be featured in a permanent gallery or “zone” that will also include other genocides and atrocities from around the world.

Ukrainian Canadians like Orest Cap say that’s not right. He’s in a unique position to comment on the controversy. The University of Manitoba education professor’s mother is a Holodomor survivor and both his parents are survivors of Nazi labour camps.

“We Ukrainians have suffered tremendously throughout the years,” Cap said recently outside the museum construction site. “If we are to have any social justice, if we are to create an educational element and understanding, the Holodomor needs to be prominent as part of that museum.”

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