Edmonton Catholic School commemorated Holodomor Memorial Day. Nov. 20, 2012

An update on how St. Matthew Elementary School has been involved in Holodomor commemorations.

  • November 20 – both elementary schools (St. Martin and St. Matthew) participated at the commemortations at the Alberta Legislature. Please see attached program. The interpretive dance and the song 1933 brought tears to the audience.
  • November 30 – St. Matthew school hosted Ben Calf Robe (FNMI program) for a “Promoting Awareness and Gratitude” Liturgy of the Word. Both schools shared their learning about the Holodomor and Residential Schools. The event ended in a small taste of borscht and bannock.

The teaching for the Nov. 30th event was focused on the theme of “Hope”. All students (100 voices that are aged 3-4 years, up to grade 6) painted a wooden spoon and all 334 spoons were hung from a “tree frame”‘ as an art installation.


Natalia Onyschuk (Edmonton)

Download (PDF, 736KB)

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