Ukrainian protesters rallying ‘in support of human dignity’ [Whig Standard]


Whig Standard, 30 December 2013

Change can come from a simple debate to a roaring discussion between leaders to a nationwide protest, as seen with the ongoing unrest in Ukraine.

“Why does support for Ukraine mean Canada has tarnished it’s image?” asked Lubomyr Luciuk, professor in the department of political science at Royal Military College, in response to a column published Dec. 26 in the Whig-Standard entitled Canada’s image tarnished.

“They’re standing up for hundreds of thousands of people coming out into the public square of Ukraine and standing up for democracy, civil liberties and human rights. I think that’s a good thing.”

Luciuk was born and raised in Kingston and, along with teaching at RMC, he is an author of numerous books on political geography and history of Ukraine and Canada’s Ukrainians.

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