Dear Friends,

We are all very troubled by recent events in Ukraine and UCC together with our member organizations are actively working with civil society in Ukraine and with our federal and provincial governments to ensure there is appropriate response. 

Canada must strongly condemn the beating and killing of protestors and journalists.  The Government of Ukraine and its leadership are to blame for this escalation.  Canada must take decisive action including visa revocation and individual sanctions against those responsible for human rights abuse, corruption and illegal business practices in Ukraine.

We need our community to email and call the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister John Baird and your MPs to action (visa restrictions and sanctions) and call on the media to cover this story (and not from their Moscow or London offices but from Kyiv).  These emails and calls to politicians and media must be done in a respectful non-threatening manner otherwise they will not have the desired effect.  Think about it personally – if you are threatened or attacked how helpful do you want to be?

We encourage people to stay informed by subscribing to the UCC e-mail distribution list (,  Follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (   There are continuous calls to action on the UCC ( and UCC Euromaidan web site (

UCC has limited resources and most of our activities are done by volunteers and all our resources are provided by donors like you.  If you want to make a difference, please give financially and volunteer your time.  Don’t wait to be asked, take the initiative and do your part.

Together we can make a difference!  Razom do kintsiya!

Paul Grod


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