Motion of Condolence put forth at Toronto City Council – Jan 29th, 2014



Moved by:

Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby



Seconded by:


Councillor Sarah Doucette


We, the Members of the Toronto City Council, stand united with Ukrainians in their fight for democracy. Many Torontonians have family and friends in Ukraine as well as being of Ukrainian heritage. Ukrainians have a long and meaningful history in our city, especially in the west end of Toronto.

We are saddened to learn of the passing of citizens of Ukraine during recent civic demonstrations there. They were exercising their democratic right as citizens to associate and speak freely and have the right to a peaceful outcome to that exercise.

We would like to convey our sympathy to their loved ones.


January 29, 2014


The Councillors can be contacted at:

Sarah Doucette

100 Queen Street West, Suite C46
 Toronto, ON  M5H 2N2
Phone: 416-392-4072
Fax: 416-696-3667

Councillor Doucette’s website:




Gloria Lindsay Luby

100 Queen Street West, Suite B38
 Toronto, ON  M5H 2N2
Phone: 416-392-1369
Fax: 416-696-4138

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