Crisis in Ukraine: Daily Briefing – 24 February 2014

Crisis in Ukraine: Daily Briefing

24 February 2014


1. Parliament continues to pass resolutions on regulating the crisis

Today, Ukraine’s parliament continued to adopt a series of measures to regulate the crisis. Most importantly they adopted resolutions on the removal from office of 5 Constitutional Court justices appointed, who previously voted (illegally) to return the 1996 Constitution in 2010, in  violation of their oath of office. They appointed V. Nalyvaychenko head of the State Security Security; O. Makhnotsky General Prosecutor and S. Kubiv as head of the national bank. Parliament amended the budget to ensure the Central Election Commission has financing for the 25 May Presidential election, and passed a resolution freeing from custody 23 political prisoners detained by the previous authorities. A series of ministers were removed from their posts. It is expected that a new parliamentary coalition and Cabinet of Ministers will be formed tomorrow.

2. Party of Regions goes into opposition

The head of the parliamentary faction of Party of Regions announced today that the faction is going into opposition. The faction currently has 128 of its original 205 deputies. It is expected that more deputies will leave the faction in the coming days.

3. Canada, US, EU, Japan recognize new authorities in Ukraine as legitimate

The governments of Canada, the United States, the European Union and Japan have recognized the new authorities in Ukraine as legitimate. A welcome step, the new Ukrainian authorities will need the West’s assistance and economic aid in rebuilding an economy close to collapse.

4. Russian PM Medvedev doubts legitimacy of new Ukrainian authorities

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev has stated that he doubts the legitimacy of the new Ukrainian authorities, and stated that the changes are the result of an armed insurgency. In the coming weeks and months the Kremlin will continue to pressure the new authorities in Ukraine, and will attempt to foment division in the population of Ukraine.

5. Tymoshenko says she will go for treatment to Germany

Yulia Tymoshenko’s lawyer S. Vlasenko has stated that Tymoshenko did not declare her intention to run for president. This doesn’t mean she will not run, only that she has not declared yet that she will. She has stated that she is not a candidate for Prime Minister. Tymoshenko’s press service announced today that she will seek medical treatment in Germany.

6. Warrant issued for arrest of Yanukovych

Arsen Avakov, temporarily responsible for overseeing the actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, announced that Yanukovych and a series of other former high officials have had warrants issued for their arrests, on suspicion of mass murder. As of 6:00 pm EST, the whereabouts of Yanukovych, former Minister of Internal Affairs Zakharchenko, former General Prosecutor Pshonka, former Head of Presidential Administration Kluyev and a series of other high officials are unknown.


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