Crisis in Ukraine: Daily Briefing – 26 February 2014

Crisis in Ukraine: Daily Briefing

26 February 2014

1. List of potential new ministers presented to Maidan

A list of the potential new Cabinet of Ministers was presented today on Maidan. Arseniy Yatseniuk is proposed as the new Prime Minister. Several Maidan and civil society leaders were present in the proposed Cabinet. A vote on the new Cabinet and the establishment of a new parliamentary coalition are scheduled for tomorrow.

2. US Deputy Secretary of State Burns visits Ukraine

US Deputy Secretary of State Burns visited Ukraine and met with political leaders, Parliamentary deputies, civil and religious leaders and Parliamentary speaker and acting president Turchynov. Secretary Burns urged the forming of a government as soon as possible and stated that the reforms necessary to restore Ukraine’s economy must be undertaken immediately. The State Department also stated that they “support a unified and whole Ukraine” and that they don’t feel that “secession or partitions in the interests of anyone.”

3. Demonstrations in Crimea

A pro-Ukrainian and a pro-Russian rally were held in the Crimean capital of Simferopol today. The pro-Ukrainian rally was largely composed of Crimean Tartars, whose community has consistently supported the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Several people were injured in limited violence. The Crimean parliament was scheduled to meet today and according to reports could not establish quorum.

4. Ukraine and Russia ‘freeze’ 17 December agreement

According to V.Suslov, Ukraine’s representative at the Eurasian Economic Council, the agreement between Russia and Ukraine signed by Putin and Yanukovych on 17 December has been frozen. Russia will not purchase the next tranche of the $15 billion in Eurobonds.

5. National Bank to present anti-crisis program Thursday or Friday

Stepan Kubiv, head of the National Bank, stated that the National Bank and the new Cabinet of Ministers will present their anti-crisis program either Thursday or Friday. He also stated that Ukraine expects to secure financing from the IMF, whose mission is due to visit the country in the coming days.

6. Berkut dissolved

Berkut special forces have been dissolved by an order of Arsen Avakov, temporarily overseeing the Ministry of Internal Affairs. About 4000 people served in the unit. According to Avakov, Berkut arms were surrendered and are under the control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.



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