Media Release – “Vernon, BC, Supports All People of Ukraine”

SADOK Ukrainian Dance Ensemble of Vernon

Media Release March 8, 2014
Vernon, B.C. Canada


“Vernon Supports All People of Ukraine”

Over 60 people from the community of Vernon, Salmon Arm, Mara and Kelowna, B.C.
joined together today for a peaceful rally in support of all people of Ukraine. The
message was clear, ‘Putin, Hands Off Ukraine.” Members of the Ukrainian and
Lithuanian community showed their support by attending today’s rally, carrying signs
and chanting Слава Україні, Glory to Ukraine. Subdeacon Paul Malysh led the crowd in
the singing of the Ukrainian National Anthem and Rev. Andrzej Wasylinko gave prayers
of peace for Ukraine.

Organizer, Andrea Malysh of the Sadok Ukrainian Dance Ensemble said that this rally
was initiated by Porter Johnson, one of her young students of Sadok. At the
demonstration Porter said that it was important to him that all people of Ukraine have
peace and freedom. He also posed a question to the crowd, “how would feel if the
Country of your ancestors was bullied.” He also said that he was saddened of what is
happening in Ukraine.

Andrea Malysh stated to the supporters that the invasion of Russian troops into Crimea is
a concern for all Canadians and that this is a decisive moment for Ukraine and the World.
Mrs. Malysh read a poem by the late Kari Moore which centers on the idea that, “Each
human being is a part of the huge woven tapestry for God to see. Our actions either
contribute to this beautiful world or contaminate it.” Malysh iterated that the world needs
to unit together for peace for all.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) was represented by Judy Williams. Mrs.
Williams gave a brief overview of the formation of the UCC and provided an update of
the recent developments in Crimea. The situation in Ukraine and especially in Crimea
continues to be extremely volatile. Nothing is it as exactly as it appears and it is critical
that people educate themselves on the history of the region and its cast of characters.
Sadly politicians negotiate deals often to further their own careers but it is the courage of the individual and the resilience of the Ukrainian people that will determine the outcome.

On Feb 20 as sniper fire took the lives of at least 77 protestors and the situation was dire
the people of Maiden prayed. They prayed for divine intervention and on Feb 22nd they
awoke with news that President Yanukovych fled with the countries coffers. As the world
wonders how it will all end, their faith is in God’s hands.

Similar demonstrations are currently being organized in both Kamloops and Kelowna.

Many in attendance today stated that they wish to do more for Ukraine.
The Canada Ukraine Foundation is accepting charitable donations to support the
humanitarian assistance required in Ukraine. The Canada Ukraine Foundation has already
arranged for timely delivery of needed humanitarian assistance required on the ground
when funds become available. Tax receipts will be issued.

Cheques made payable to CUF MaidanFund, along with your name and address, can be
mailed to:

Canada Ukraine Foundation
203- 952 Main St., Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2W 3P4

Donations may be made by credit card online on their website.
For further information, contact CUF: tel. – 1-866-942-4627

For information on today’s event contact Andrea Malysh at (250) 558-2959.

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