UCC Calls for International Election Observers for Ukraine Parliamentary Elections

Ukrainian Canadian Congress calls for International Election

Observers for Ukraine Parliamentary Elections


19 September, 2014 – Ottawa – The Ukrainian Canadian Congress is calling on all interested Canadians to volunteer as international election observers for the Parliamentary elections in Ukraine being held on 26 October, 2014. On 11 September, 2014, Prime Minister of Canada, the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper announced that Canada will be sending an independent team of election observers to monitor the elections. There are several ways for Canadians to participate in strengthening the democratic process in Ukraine.


A bilateral Canadian mission will be implemented by Canadian Election Observation Missions (CANEOM). You are encouraged to apply to be an observer at http://caneom.ca/.  The deadline for applications isFriday, 26 September, 12PM EST.  


The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) will field an international election observer mission. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress is an integral part of the UWC and of the international observer mission. More information will be made available on their website http://ukrainianworldcongress.org/ in the coming days.


In addition, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is also sending an international election observer mission. The Canadian deployment is being managed by CANADEM and funded by the Government of Canada. More information can be found at http://www.canadem.ca/home/. The deadline to apply for this mission is Friday, 19 September, 2PM EST.






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