UCC Welcomes New Government Appointment Process

March 1, 2016. OTTAWA – The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) welcomes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent announcement of a new Governor-in-Council (GIC) appointment process that will be merit-based while also taking into account Canada’s multicultural diversity. Over 1,500 positions are available nationally on various federal commissions, boards, tribunals and agencies. The Prime Minister stressed that the new process will be transparent, open, and merit-based.
UCC National President Paul Grod stated, “The Ukrainian Canadian Congress looks forward to the implementation of the new GIC appointment process.   With more than 1.2 million Canadians of Ukrainian heritage, we are confident that our community will be equitably represented in future appointments to tribunals, boards and commissions.This new process will also ensure that Canadians of various ethnic backgrounds will find equal opportunities to serve their fellow citizens, based primarily on merit, but also reflecting the ethno-cultural diversity of our society today. This year, as we celebrate the 125th anniversary of Ukrainian immigration to Canada, we reflect on the many hardships, including prejudice and xenophobia, faced by the multiple waves of immigrants and refugees from Ukraine. At the same time we celebrate their contribution to shaping Canadian values as a founding people. We hope our community will become more equitably represented as participants in the various agencies of our federal government.”
 A GIC appointment is a unique opportunity to build a better Canada.
Information on the full range of organizations and GIC positions can be accessed under the link to Federal Organizations http://www.appointments-nominations.gc.ca/lstOrgs.asp?menu=2&type-typ=1&lang=eng.
To view the announcement by the Prime Minister of the new Governor in Council appointment process, please see:

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