UCC calls “elections” in Russian-occupied Crimea Illegal and Illegitimate

September 19, 2016. OTTAWA. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) issued the following statement on the Russian Federation’s illegal and illegitimate attempt to hold “elections” in Russian-occupied Crimea:

The “elections” that the Russian Federation attempted to hold yesterday in Russian-occupied Crimea are nothing short of illegal and illegitimate under international law. The Autonomous Republic of Crimea remains an indivisible and integral part of Ukraine. No country that believes in rule of law, human rights, democracy or international obligations can recognize the legitimacy or outcome of these “elections.” The Russian Federation must end its occupation of Crimea and end its war of aggression against Ukraine in eastern Ukraine. The UCC calls on Canada, the US, the EU and allied states to implement sanctions against those officials responsible for attempting to organize these “elections.”


In a Tweet today, Canada’s Foreign Minister stated “#Crimea remains an integral part of #Ukraine and Canada will not recognize the legitimacy of Russian Duma elections taking place there.”

The US State Department issued a statement – Illegitimate Russian Duma Elections in Occupied Crimea – “The United States does not recognize the legitimacy, and will not recognize the outcome, of the Russian Duma elections planned for Russian-occupied Crimea on September 18th. Our position on Crimea is clear: the peninsula remains an integral part of Ukraine. Crimea-related sanctions against Russia will remain until Russia returns control of Crimea to Ukraine.”

Full statement: https://ukraine.usembassy.gov/statements/illegitimate-duma-elections-crimea-09162016.html

EU statement – On the elections for the Duma in the Russian Federation – “The European Unon has not recognised the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol  by the Russian Federation and therefore does not recognise the holding of elections in the Crimean peninsula. […] The European Union remains unwavering in its support for the territorial integrity anmd sovereignty of Ukraine.”

Full statement: http://eeas.europa.eu/headquarters/headquarters-homepage/10047/on-the-elections-for-the-duma-in-the-russian-federation-_en

Call to Action
The Ukrainian Canadian Congress calls on Canada and its allies to:

  1. Strongly condemn the Russian Government for its illegal occupation of Ukraine and ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine.
  2. Significantly increase sectoral sanctions against Russia’s defence, security, energy and financial services sectors – in particular banning Russia from the SWIFT banking system in order to prevent further Russian aggression.
  3. Immediately provide Ukraine with defensive weapons, including anti-tank weapons and equipment it needs to defend its territorial integrity and the lives of its civilian population from Russia’s continued attacks including artillery shelling causing daily casualties and deaths.

Please contact your Member of Parliament to express your concerns and to encourage them to promote UCC’s recommendations for Canada’s Support to Ukraine.  The UCC recently prepared a Briefing Note to Members of Parliament, available here: AUG16 UCC Briefing Note to MPs

To find the contacts for your Member of Parliament by Postal Code, please see here: http://www.lop.parl.gc.ca/ParlInfo/compilations/houseofcommons/memberbypostalcode.aspx?Menu=HOC

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