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  • 2019 Winter Bulletin

    The 2019 Winter Bulletin is here! Read through the 16 pages of activities and updates over the last six months from the UCC.   Download Link Here

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    June Newsletter

    As the Chumak Way cycling team makes their way across the Prairies, the end of the school year is upon us and summer officially begins! July marks the start of our busy Ukrainian summer, full of festivals, cultural programs, and all kinds of camps!  It’s inspiring to see that every summer thousands of volunteers from our [&hellip

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    2018 Winter Bulletin

    The 2018 Winter Bulletin is here! See over 16 pages of activities and reports from the summer and fall such as how the community rallied around Team Invictus Ukraine athletes, to encourage, support and motivate them.     Download Link Here

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    2017 – UCC Highlights in Ukrainian

    2017 UCC Highlights (Ukrainian)

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