Euromaidan – Contact your Government Representative

Please use the following guidelines, when calling, writing, or meeting in person with the government representatives:


  • Try to gather as much information as possible about the current situation in Ukraine. If possible, have some links ready, if MPs ask for more information.
  • Try to read up on the resolutions that Canadian government already made with regards to Ukraine. Perhaps that particular MP has made some statements about Ukraine; if possible, try to find those and in this case you can follow up on his statements.
  • Some useful documents can be found here.


  1. Introduce yourself, mention that you are Ukrainian Canadian that lives in his/her district and that the issue of Ukraine is a top priority for you.
  2. Ask if they have been following the recent events in Ukraine. Make sure that they understand what the protesters want/why they are protesting (i.e. Personal/economic freedoms, stop to corruption, transparency in the government, EU integration, and simply to have a government/president that represents the true interests of the people of Ukraine).
  3. Direct their attention to violent beatings and persecution of the peaceful protesters, journalists, etc. As examples you can mention beating of Tetyana Chornovol, multiple beatings and destruction of property of the activists, and of course the attempts to disperse peaceful “Euromaidan” in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizzia, Cherkasy, Sumy, etc.
  4. Finally, mention the laws that were established on January 16th through illegitimate voting practises (show of hands vs. electronic/recorded voting).
    • Ask if they are aware of what kind of laws were accepted. If not, offer to email them a list of laws that were accepted- laws that restrict basic human rights of the citizens of Ukraine.
    • Insist that these actions have essentially established a Police State in Ukraine, banning freedom of expression (if those views are not pro-government); legitimizing the violation of democratic rights and freedoms of the people.
    • Ask about their reaction to this event. Ask what concrete actions are they planning to suggest the Canadian government take. Insist that the reaction of Canada must be decisive and firm.
  5. Ask them to bring up the issue of Ukraine at the caucus meetings of their party (which happen weekly). Ask how the progress can be made on the issue in general, and how you, as a constituent can help (perhaps with translations, or providing information sources, contacts, etc).
  6. While speaking/writing with your MP, please be polite, but firm. At the end of the conversation, mention that you will follow up next week on what has been done about this issue.


  • Contact the Prime Minister of Canada: [click here]
  • Contact John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs: [click here]
  • Find your member of Parliament of Canada, using your postal code here: [click here]