The exhibit Holodomor: Genocide by Famine was produced by the League of Ukrainian Canadians.

Presently, the Holodomor: Genocide by Famine exhibit display schedule is as follows:

1. The exhibit will be displayed at the Scarborough Civic Centre, Toronto, Nov 14-28 (the exhibit has already been displayed at Toronto City Hall and the North York Civic Centre).

2. The exhibit will be displayed at the University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, York University, all in the month of November with each Ukrainian Students’ Club sponsoring the exhibit.

3. The exhibit will be displayed at Edmonton City Hall on Nov 20 and at the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton on Nov 22.

4. The exhibit will be displayed at Ukrainian Catholic and Orthodox Churches across Canada on Nov 21 (we don’t have a list of these Churches).

5. The exhibit will be displayed on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Nov 30.

6. The exhibit will be displayed in May 2011 at the Mowat Block foyer, 900 Bay Street in Toronto.

7. Display of the Ukrainian Youth Association of Canada (CYM)-sponsored Holodomor exhibit at the Calgary City Hall Atrium on Nov 23-26

8. The CYM-sponsored Candlelight Vigil at the Holodomor Memorial site in Calgary on Nov 26

9. The Calgary CYM-sponsored display of  Holodomor Posters from the Ukraine Poster Contest on Nov 27

10. University of Manitoba, University Centre, Nov 22-26: Display table at University Centre (Ukrainian Canadian Students Union), including posters, students handing out pamphlets, and viewing of a film on laptop; Elizabeth Dafoe Library, Holodomor Poster display, Nov 22-26; St Andrews College, Holodomor Book display, Nov 22-26

11. Ukrainian Canadian Congress Manitoba Provincial Council and U of M International Relations present Holodomor Film Symposium ( in English): Nov 22- “ Famine 33” at 534 University Centre; Nov 24- “Harvest of Despair” at  534 University Centre; Nov 26-“The Soviet Story” at Isbister Argue

Holodomor Commemoration in Brantford, Ontario on Nov 17, with special guest MPP for Brant, Dave Levac

Three Holodomor-related events, sponsored by the League of Ukrainian Canadians, League of Ukrainian Canadian Women and Ucrainica Research Institute, are scheduled to take place at KUMF (Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation, 2118-A Bloor Street West) in Toronto and the University of Toronto on Nov 23, 24 and 25. They relate to the visit of a delegation representing the Polish Institute of National Remembrance. This Institute recently published a book of Polish documents on the Holodomor, called Holodomor: the Great Famine in Ukraine, 1932-1933, providing evidence that the Holodomor was indeed a genocide.

The Ukrainian Students’ Club at the University of Toronto and the League of Ukrainian Canadians are sponsoring film night scheduled for Nov 26 at St. Vladimir Institute (620 Spadina Avenue). The name of the film that will be shown is The Soviet Story.

The League of Ukrainian Canadians, League of Ukrainian Canadian Women, Ukrainian Youth Association of Canada (CYM), Ucrainica Research Institute and the Yuri Lypa Ukrainian Heritage Academy are sponsoring the commemoration of the 77th anniversary of the Holodomor (organized by the Yuri Lypa Ukrainian Heritage Academy) at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Toronto (83 Christie Street) on Nov 27.

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