Koliada Campaign

Приєднайтеся до нашоі  2017 Коляди!

The busy Christmas season is already underway and I hope that like me you’re looking forward to all the special occasions to spend time with friends, family and community.  My choir has been rehearsing our Christmas repertoire for weeks and I’ve already picked up a few great gifts for those on my list at my favourite Ukrainian boutiques and church bazaars.

Today, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress is excited to launch our #KoliadaCampaign, our opportunity to share our rich Ukrainian Canadian cultural and artistic traditions.  We’ll be bringing you daily videos of our favourite musicians, dancers and other performers on our UCC Facebook page as well as occasionally to your email inbox.

We’re also happy to send you our 2017 winter bulletin, which features 16 pages of activities and reports from the summer and fall.  I was particularly proud of how our community rallied around Team Invictus Ukraine athletes, to encourage, support and motivate them.  You’ll hear in the coming days how the leadership of generous donors will help Ukrainian soldiers and veterans.

This month we are presented with many opportunities to share our good fortune.  Please add the Ukrainian Canadian Congress to your list this Christmas.  A one-time or monthly donation will help us continue our work producing daily and weekly bulletins on Ukraine, managing a national community events calendar and expanding our UCC Parliamentary Internship Program.

As an organization which operates on community donations and volunteerism, our voice is strong with the support of committed individuals and organizations.  Whether it’s supporting Ukrainian school teachers, connecting artists or reaching out to find new Ukrainian communities across Canada, all of this happens with the important resources donated by individuals and organizations.

Like many of you, I’ll be heading home for the holidays for several Christmas celebrations and lots of carolling!  I know that that my favourite Christmas record will be playing as my family decorates the Yalynka/Christmas-tree with ornaments which bring back memories of years gone by.  How fortunate we are to preparing and enjoy the special Sviat Vechir/Holy Supper and attend the Christmas Mass to offer thanks and pray for peace on earth, especially in Ukraine.


As a special way to involve the young and young-at-heart we are pleased to offer you our Yalynka colouring page, created by Tanya Mykytiuk (Ptashka Arts).  We encourage you to print the page out for your ridna shkola, youth group, church coffee club, senior citizen’s club and any other occasion where people are meeting.  We invite you to take a photo and share your creation on our Facebook page!

We think it’s important to show our thanks to those who take the time to make a special gift this month.

  • Major donors ($250 or more) will be entered to win the original watercolour by Iryna Karpenko (valued at $500)
  • Individual donations of $50 or more will be entered to win special ornaments from Ptashka Arts

If you’ve got someone on your list who insists that they don’t want any more ‘things’, I’m happy to let you know that you can honour them with a special donation to UCC.  We’ll send them a card letting them know that you’ve made a special donation in their honour, and you get a tax receipt for your donation.

Remember that the successful work of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress is only possible with the strong support of our generous volunteers and donors.  Thank you in advance for sharing your time and treasure with us as we look ahead to 2018 and beyond.

It’s easy to make an online donation, on our website, or to put your donation in the mail to us at 203-952 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB, R2W 3P4.

Let the season of joy and giving begin!


Веселих Свят!  Happy Holidays!





Ihor Michalchyshyn

Chief Executive Officer

Ukrainian Canadian Congress


P.S. To see all of the #koliadacampaign don’t forget to To celebrate the richness of our koliada tradition, we will be sharing a daily video celebrating our Christmas traditions on UCC Facebook page .