Ukrainian Canadian Congress
Manitoba Provincial Council
President: Oksana Bondarchuk
Who is the UCC-MB? The Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Manitoba Provincial Council (UCC-MB) is an inclusive, self-sustaining, vibrant organization that serves the Manitoban Ukrainian community to maintain, develop and share its Ukrainian Canadian identity, culture and aspirations. The mission of UCC-MB  is to:

  • represent and serve the Manitoban Ukrainian community;
  • adhere to democratic principles and provide strong leadership;
  • promote sustainable organizational development;
  • communicate effectively with membership and stakeholders;
  • contribute to the enhancement of cultural diversity in Manitoba;
  • maximize the capacity of the Ukrainian community to maintain, develop and share its identity, culture and aspirations;
  • ensure UCC-MB financial viability; and
  • encourage innovation and creativity.

Mandate and Objectives

  • to act as an authoritative representative for the Ukrainian Canadian community before the people and government of Manitoba
  • to strengthen and coordinate the participation of Ukrainian Canadians in the social and cultural life of Manitoba  based on principles of justice, freedom and independence
  • to promote the development of friendly and mutually beneficial relations between Manitoba  and Ukraine
  • to lend support to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress towards its goal of assisting Ukraine in building an independent, united, democratic state
  • to plan and develop among Ukrainian Canadians in Manitoba  sound community life in all its aspects
  • to assist in the preservation and development of Ukrainian culture in Manitoba


Member Organizations
Ukrainian National Home Association
Ukrainian Self Reliance League
Ukrainian Reading Association
Markian Shashkevych Centre
Ukrainian National Federation
Canadian Foundation for Ukrainian Free University
Ukrainian Professional and Business Club of Winnipeg
Manitoba Parents for Ukrainian Education
Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood
Ukrainian Youth Association – CYM
Alpha Omega Women’s Alumnae
Plast Ukrainian Youth Organizations
Ukrainian Social Services of Manitoba
Canadian Ukrainian Youth Association –CYMK
League of Ukrainian Canadians
Canadian Ukrainian Institute Prosvita
Ukrainian Canadian Women’s Committee
Ukrainian Women’s Association
Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre of Winnipeg ( Oseredok)
UAS Eastern European Adoptions Inc.

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