Community Development

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Community Development Committee

The mandate of the Community Development committee is to develop strategies and initiate new models and programs designed to engage all Ukrainian Canadians who do not currently belong to the organized Ukrainian Canadian community, with the objective of gaining their involvement and participation in organized community life.

Tasks include:

A) Encourage UCC and its member organizations to focus their activities on engaging the unorganized community;

B) Employ demographic and other additional research studies as may be reasonably necessary to develop a comprehensive community development strategy for UCC.

C) Review the UCC “Building the Future” report with the intention of including its relevant recommendations into the updated community development strategy of UCC.

D) In collaboration with the UCC Governance committee, strategize to initiate programs that would establish broad-based Ukrainian community organizations in centres where none currently exist and/or find methods to engage individual Ukrainian Canadians where there are no practical ways to involve them currently in a Ukrainian Canadian organization.

The committee shall also gather and review information from UCC member organizations regarding their efforts to engage the community with a view of sharing information, lessons learned, and development of best practices.

The Committee should also conduct research into the Ukrainian Canadian identity and the diverse needs of the Ukrainian community in Canada today, as part of the development of a UCC strategic plan to ensure the continued vibrancy of our community.