Immigration & Resettlement


Serhij Koroliuk (SK)

Committee Members

Andy Semotiuk, Toronto

Ludmyla Kolesnichenko, Toronto

Ivan Lypovyk, Edmonton

Zorianna Hrycenko-Luhova, Montreal

Sofia Marunych, Montreal

John Rozdilsky, Saskatoon

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UCC Position on Immigration

The UCC Immigration and Resettlement Committee, mandated in May 2008, assists those Ukrainians who have chosen Canada as a place to work temporarily, to study or to live permanently. The goal of this committee is to share information, experiences and success of local initiatives in order to provide a nation wide overview regarding assistance for new arrivals.

The committee currently has three areas of activity:

  • Act as a clearing house of information to assist new immigrants.
  • Develop and prepare UCC positions and policies concerning our community and immigration issues for presentation to Federal and provincial governments.
  • Assist in developing strategies on how to attract and retain immigrants as the newest members of our community organizations.