Emil Yereniuk – Chair


Dr. Roman Yereniuk

Joanna Lewandosky


Olena Kit


Zorianna Hrycenko-Luhova

Marika Putko

James Slobodian


The UCC internment committee is a standing policy committee of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress which seeks to examine, promote and undertake initiatives and projects to increase the level of education, knowledge and understanding of Canada’s First National Internment Operations 1914-1920 among the general population and specifically within the Ukrainian Canadian community.  Special emphasis should be placed on promotion of events, activities and projects which highlight the plight faced by Ukrainian Canadians who were classified as enemy aliens and were interned in camps during World War I.

Goals of the Committee:

  • To communicate information to UCC branches and its member organizations about various initiatives across Canada pertaining to the unjust internment, particularly as it relates to Ukrainians unjustly interned 1914-1920.
  • To raise nation-wide awareness of the internment issue and to encourage the incorporation of internment in topics dealing with human rights in Canada, history of early immigration to Canada, and its precedence in terms of subsequent human rights restrictions in Canada.
  • To help create a network between various parties and individuals working on internment issues, be familiar with ongoing projects & provide support to each others’ efforts.
  • To provide communication between UCC provincial councils, branches and member organizations on the various work dealing with the internment issue.  To inform UCC branches about the ongoing work of CFWWIRF and other organizations across Canada.
  • To encourage and support the inclusion of Canada’s first national internment operations in the formal provincial curriculum in Canada’s education system and to work to support its inclusion in university courses in areas such as Canadian history, human rights, etc.  across Canada.
  • To attract new members and encourage the Ukrainian Canadian community to be more actively involved in the internment issue.
  • To encourage support for Canadian initiatives and projects pertaining to the internment of Ukrainians in 1914-1920, including efforts to have this permanently included as part of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg.

Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund – 2013 Annual Report

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