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    1. To create a National Holodomor/Ukrainian Genocide Education Committee (NHEC) with representation from all regions of Canada and  co-ordinate the work of including the topic of the Holodomor into the regular school curriculum in each province.

    2. To present a consistent approach to the Holodomor/Ukrainian Genocide and it’s teaching across the country.

    To set up a subcommittee in each area/province that will carry out the work on the teaching and commemoration of the Holodomor/Ukrainian Genocide. It will identify professional educators at the elementary and high school levels, who are knowledgeable in the social studies and history curriculum of their province.

    3. To provide human and technical expertise to the subcommittees on the  Holodomor/Ukrainian Genocide for educational institutions, school boards and ministries of education, and  facilitate in the preparation of presentations to the above.

    4. To develop, share and distribute teaching materials and resources on the Holodomor/Ukrainian Genocide.

    5. To set up the Canadian Centre for Holodomor/Ukrainian Genocide Study and Education within the confines of the Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Centre, as the centre in Canada for information on teaching the Ukrainian Genocide, for  distribution and publication of resource  materials for teaching the Holodomor,  and provide In-Service Teacher Training on the Ukrainian Genocide for educators across the country.

    Prayers for Victims of the Holodomor


    Schools in the catholic school boards have a daily prayer. Some have opted for a special prayer along with the announcement about the Holodomor on Holodomor Memorial Day.

    Prayer for the Victims of the Holodomor

    Remember, O Lord our God, our reposed brothers and sisters who, with faith and hope in eternal life, perished in the Holodomor (Great Famine), whose names are know to You, O Lord. As our merciful God and Lover of Mankind remit, pardon, and forgive all their sins, both voluntary and involuntary, and grant them Your eternal good things which have been prepared for those who love You.

    Be merciful unto them, and accept their faith instead of their works, and grant them rest, O Compassionate One, with the saints. For there is no man who has lived without sinning, You only are without any sin, and Your righteousness is eternal. For You are a God of mercy and compassion and love for mankind, and we offer glory unto You, to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now, and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.


    Молитва за Жертв загиблих Голодомором

    Помяни Господи, Боже Наш, у вірі й надії на життя вічне спочилих рабів Твоїх, всіх братів та сестер наших голодом замучених, яких імена Ти сам, Господи знаєш, і як Милосердний і Чоловіколюбний, полегши, даруй і прости всі провини їх, вільні й невільні, і дай їм вічні Твої блага, наготовані для тих, що люблять Тебе.

    Будь милостивим до них, і віру в Тебе замість діл прийми і з святими Твоїми, як Щедрий, упокой: нема бо чоловіка, що живе би і не згрішив. Ти один тільки без всякого гріха, і правда Твоя  правда вічна. Бо ти Бог милости і щедрот і чолобіколюбства, і Тобі славу возсилаємо, Отцю, і Сину, і Святому Духові, нині, й повсякчас, і на віки віків. Амінь




    Highlights – http://youtu.be/vRu9W3usmKY

    Valentina Noseworthy – http://youtu.be/Qd_tZm9NV-0

    Valentina Kuryliw – http://youtu.be/TF7YKl1caW4

    Oksana Kulynych – http://youtu.be/2LARPOCCcCM

    Lana Babij – http://youtu.be/inTKqD6sRbc



    About the Committee Chair: Valentina Kuryliw

    Valentina Kuryliw is a retired history and social studies department head and educator with over 40 years of teaching experience in schools in the province of Ontario. For over 16 years she has offered additional qualifications courses for history teachers in Ukraine on teaching history using critical thinking skills and interactive methods. She has authored a book, “Metodyka vykladannya istorii” for Ukraine, which received the Ministry of Education of Ukraine recommendation (2008) to be used as atext for  teacher training in institutes and universities in Ukraine and is in its second publication. In 2008, she became the Co-chair of the Holodomor Education Team in Toronto and in 2009 the Chair of the National Holodomor Education Committee of the UCC. Valentina has conducted In-Service Teacher Training sessions in Ontario for professional organizations and school boards on the Holodomor and Internment.  She  prepared the Holodomor Teaching Kit for educators of  Canada, which includes her  workbook with learning materials and lesson plans, “The Holodomor/ the Ukrainian Genocide: a Workbook for students and teachers.”



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