National Sports

Committee Chair:
Renata Roman (ON)

Committee Members:
Logistics – Walter Stecko (ON)
Marketing – Marko Matla (ON)
Western Canada Rep – Myroslaw Petriw (BC)
Members – Roman Komarnycky (ON)
Soccer Rep – Steve Mazur (ON)
Medical Consultant – Dr. Peter Kujtan (ON)
Andrij Halkewycz (MB)
Vasyl Grosko (QC)
Kristin Glover (ON)- National Youth Advisory Council
Maria Vorotylenko (ON) – National Youth Advisory Council
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About the Ukrainian Canadian Congress National Sports Committee

This committee initiates projects involving athletes in Canada of Ukrainian heritage, as well as, supports the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine (NOC) including its athletes and coaches. This committee provides support to Ukrainian athletes while they are in Canada. This may include activities such as making travel and accommodation arrangements, financial commitments, medical and moral support for the athletes. The committee comprises of Ukrainian Canadians who have a particular interest in sports or may have been athletes themselves.