National Youth Advisory Council

Committee Chair:
Danylo Korbabicz

Committee Members:
Daria Hyworon (MB)
Olena Kit (ON)
Alyssa Paterson (AB)
Kristin Glover (ON)
Maria Vorotylenko (ON)
Nadia Demko (MB)
Andrew Popiel (MB)
Cristine Czoli (ON)
Alexa Palaschuk (MB)
Andrijko Semaniuk (MB)
Zenon Ciz (ON)
Oksana Prokopchuk-Gauk (SK)
Katrina Baziuk (AB)
Ulanna Wityk (ON)


National Youth Advisory Council
The purpose of the National Youth Advisory Council is to provide a direct and vital communication link between young Ukrainian Canadians and the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.

Tasks include:

a) Provide direct communication between young Ukrainian Canadians and the UCC;

b) Gather information and advise UCC on youth engagement to encourage increased participation of young Ukrainian Canadians in community life;

c) Disseminate information from UCC to the youth in its various member organizations;

d) Collaborate with other UCC committees and its member organizations, especially our youth organizations, to engage youth in broader community life;

e) Create a mentoring program for young people to become effective board members and community leaders in established organizations.

Members of the National Youth Advisory Council shall represent the interests of all young Ukrainian Canadians and not solely those of their respective organizations.