Achievements in Canada

The long struggle for acceptance by Ukrainian immigrants in Canada has been largely won by their toughness, resourcefulness and resilience. The original lure of free lands has transformed the unwelcome Ukrainian immigrant mass into an integral and politically important element of Canada which has played a leading role in remaking Canada into a multicultural nation.

Individual Ukrainians have attained some of the highest offices in the land: other have spearheaded breakthroughs in science or won national acclaim in the arts or sports. With such prominent Canadians of Ukrainian descent as the Governor General of Canada, Ramon Hnatyshyn: the Premier of Saskatchewan, Roy Romanow: the Premier of Manitoba, Gary Filmon; the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, Peter Liba; the Lieutenant Governors of Saskatchewan, Sylvia Fedoruk and Stephen Worobetz; the Supreme Court Justice, John Sopinka; Senators Paul Yuzyk and Raynell Andreychuk and the hockey superstar, Terry Sawchuk, Ukrainian Canadians should feel pretty comfortable in their country as its nation builders.\

Indeed, in the eyes of the most recent immigrants of other ethnic and racial origin, Ukrainian Canadians appear as members of the Canadian “establishment”. The long, often disheartening, struggle for acceptance has been succeeded by the realization that further struggle lies ahead for Ukrainian Canadians, if much of their original culture is to be preserved.

Famous and Notable Ukrainians