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Valentina Kuryliw (ON)

Committee Chair

Committee Members

NHEC consists of representatives from the following provinces:
  • British Columbia:  Lydia Huzyk, Natalia Jatskevich
  • Alberta: Natalia Onyschuk, Boris Radyo
  • Saskatchewan: Nadia Propkopchuk
  • Manitoba: Val Noseworthy, Irka Balan
  • Ontario: Lydia Falcomer, Sophia Isajiw, Tamara Kowalczyk
  • Quebec: Zorianna Hrycenko-Luhovy, Marika Putko

2020 HREC Educator Award for Holodomor Lesson Plan Development

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Committee Documents:

The Holodomor Pamphlets

Holodomor Memorial Day in Schools

On the 29 May of 2008, the Parliament of Canada unanimously passed an “Act to Establish a Ukrainian Famine and Genocide (Holodomor) Memorial Day and to Recognize the Ukrainian Famine 1932-1933 as an Act of Genocide.” As a result of the advocacy of the Holodomor Education Team (UCC-Toronto) and later the National Holodomor Education Committee (NHEC), in 2008, the Toronto District School Board passed a resolution to hold an annual Holodomor Memorial Day in schools on the fourth Friday of November. Since then, other school boards across the country have followed suit. Each year for this event the National Holodomor Education Committee (NHEC) and HREC Education prepare an information pamphlet to help educators commemorate this day in their schools.

Main achievements

The National Holodomor Education Committee (NHEC) together with the Holodomor Education Team (UCC-Toronto) have worked hard for a decade to ensure that the Holodomor is included in the Ontario curriculum and have contributed to its inclusion in other provinces in Canada. These individuals and their organizations have worked together as a team to advocate with Ministries of Education and individual MPs, revue committees on curriculum, curriculum consultants, individual school boards and administrators, to ensure that the Holodomor is included as a topic to be taught in Canadian schools, and have prepared the teaching materials with which it can be taught.


Holodomor Education Resources

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