Team member

Tatiana Sunak

Committee Chair
Team member

Oksana Levytska

Past Chair

Nataliya Sovinska, Vice-President (West), Winnipeg

Nadia Gereliuk, Vice-President (East), Toronto

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Committee Documents:

Committee Objective

The purpose of the UCC National Ukrainian Education Council is to enable the sharing of resources and pedagogical practices among Ukrainian teachers and to continue working on the networking projects.  The mandate of the NUEC is to facilitate communication between Ukrainian language schools and teachers in Canada.  The National Ukrainian Education Council includes Ukrainian educators from various provinces across Canada.

History of the council

UCC National Ukrainian Education Council, formerly known as UCC National School Council, was formed in November 2010 at the UCC National Congress in Edmonton.

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Committee Goals

  • Create public awareness of Ukrainian schools in Canada and promote enrolment in them;
  • Facilitate communication between Ukrainian language schools in order to enable sharing of resources and information and to continue the work of the networking project undertaken at the initiative of the UCC
  • Continue enhancing the website
  • Maintain a database of Ukrainian bilingual, heritage and Saturday schools and
    teachers in Canada. Collect and analyze statistical and empirical data about schools.
  • Continue the dialogue with teachers in these Ukrainian schools
    to encourage exchange of ideas, teaching plans and assignments,
    curricula, resources, development of new courses and standardized curriculum/programs and innovative materials in teaching.
  • Initiate discussions/round tables for educators at all levels with the aim of establishing a seamless Ukrainian educational system from kindergarten to university.
  • Support provincial or city educational councils in investigating the possibility of extending bilingual Ukrainian programs in Ontario and other provinces where such programs don’t exist.
  • Encourage and support active participation in commemorating the Ukrainian Genocide – Holodomor on the 4th Friday or Saturday of November in all schools
  • Facilitate provincial and local educational councils in informing and encouraging students of Ukrainian programs to participate in educational and community events as well as in educational competitions/contests


  • Financing for technical support for updating/developing the website.
  • Updated website; forum of exchange of information.
  • Financial support for conferences, telephone conference calls and other communication needs.
  • Financial support of national educational projects, programs and initiatives as well as coordination of specific projects.
  • Financial support for developing and implementing new teaching materials.

Scope & Jurisdiction

  • Broadening the network of Ukrainian heritage schools in Canada
  • Facilitate the dissemination of teaching/learning materials to teachers/educators in Ukrainian schools and develop a network for material/resource exchange
  • Support local language programs/courses with the focus of engaging school graduates into continuing participation in Ukrainian community activities and enrolling into higher institutions of Ukrainian studies
  • Strengthen the teaching of Ukrainian Canadian history and geography to enable Ukrainian Canadian students to have a thorough knowledge of the place and identity of Ukrainians in Canada