Committee Members:

Lyudmyla Muntian (NB)

Eugen Duvalko (ON)

Serhii Obraztsov (MB)

Maryna Duda (MB)

Dmytro Borysenko (MB)

Dmytro Malyk (MB)

Anna Karpenko (MB)

Oksana Lazarenko (MB)

Iryna Matsiuk (SK)

Bohdana Stepanenko-Lypovyk (AB)

Olga Zarudina (BC)

Committee Documents:

Terms of Reference

Committee Email:

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Our mission is to identify and promote ways to address the recurring needs of the Ukrainian Canadians in particular, immigrants and newcomers and temporary foreign workers and students; and other issues of importance as identified by the members of the committee

and resolutions of the Triennial Congress, and UCC policy priorities.

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