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Liza Zienchuk

CYMK Representative
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Nina Semchyshyn

UCC Liaison
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Andreya Figol

PLAST Representative
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Nestor Sanajko

CYM Representative
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Oksana Luczkiw

UNYF Representative
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Danya Wasylyk

SUSK Representative


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CYMK presents “The Lenten Challenge,” in collaboration with CYM, PLAST & MUNO (UCC’s Inter-Organizational Youth Committee.)

Each week follows a theme with related challenges and activities that will practice mindfulness and wellness in preparation for Easter.

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Opportunities in Youth Engagement

  • Word of mouth and existing friendships are the main reason youth join Ukrainian Youth Organizations
  • Newcomer families who are unfamiliar with all the different organizations and their purpose usually enroll their kids in organizations to which their friends belong. Should we be marketing the diversity of youth organizations in our community to newcoming families? Is relying on word of mouth sustainable?

Challenges in Youth Engagement

  • Low engagement in participation (will be members on paper but rarely physically show up) and volunteering (do we need to rethink model for volunteering? Change the way youth commit? A type of no-commitment commitment?)
  • Once students enter post-secondary institutions it is difficult to continue their engagement in their original youth org
  • Membership fluctuates with generations

The Approach

Create a natural pathway for youth in different stages to foster continuous community engagement (change the mentality – “Ukrainian for life”)
Leverage each other’s resources to further awareness about the extensive reach of the Ukrainian community in GTA
Create more opportunities for youth to learn and create relationships with other organizations

Next Steps

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