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Ukrainian Canadian Community Welcomes Federal $1.5M Funding For Holodomor Awareness Project

The Ukrainian Canadian Community is grateful to the Government of Canada, the Ministry of Multiculturalism, and Minister Jason Kenney, for supporting the "Holodomor National Awareness Tour". The three year grant, valued at $1.5M, will support the education of tens of thousands of students, community leaders and the public at large on the historical events of the horrific Holodomor Genocide in Ukraine, 1932-33. The "Holodomor National Awareness Tour", is a joint project between four organizations: the Canada Ukraine Foundation (CUF, the lead on the project), the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC), the Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Centre (UCRDC) and the Holodomor Research and Educational Consortium (HREC). "This project will build bridges among communities to promote intercultural understanding, tolerance, awareness and a deeper respect for the democratic values that we Canadians hold so dear," said Bob Onyschuk, Q.C., Past Chair of CUF, and Project Lead.