We are working with the federal government to provide every province with a designated institution that will do the necessary checks and match these offers with requests from the displaced persons.


The process is ongoing and varies from province to province. You might have already been contacted by these institutions. If not – please allow us some more time to set up the process.


If you are offering accommodation for displaced Ukrainians, and you have not heard from anyone yet, you can also visit the following websites which are accepting offers and actively matching families:


British Columbia: UWBC United for Ukraine Housing Intake Form (office.com) 


Saskatchewan: Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Saskatchewan Provincial Council (ucc.sk.ca) 


Manitoba: Host Displaced Ukrainians in Manitoba – Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Manitoba (uccmanitoba.ca) **Please note this website has temporarily suspended registrations due to an overwhelming response. 


Nova Scotia: Housing Form – NS Supports – YMCA of Greater Halifax Dartmouth (ymcahfx.ca) 


PEI: Crisis Response Signup Form – Immigrant and Refugee Services Association PEI (irsapei.ca) 

We are working with both the federal and provincial governments to ensure that displaced Ukrainian citizens receive the assistance they need. 




Ukrainian measures: Prepare to travel to and settle in Canada – Canada.ca 


You can find more specific access to these measures on provincial websites, which are being run by various settlement organizations: 


British Columbia 


Welcoming Ukraine – Province of British Columbia (gov.bc.ca) 


United for Ukraine | bc211 


Ukrainian Migration Resources – AMSSA 




Support for Ukrainians | Alberta.ca 


Ukrainian Canadian Social Services – Assistance to New Immigrants | 211 Alberta, Information on social, community, health and government services in Alberta 




Resources for Displaced Ukrainians | Saskatchewan Supports Ukraine | Government of Saskatchewan 


Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Saskatchewan Provincial Council (ucc.sk.ca) 


Immigration and Settlement Services – 211 Saskatchewan 




Manitoba For Ukraine (manitoba4ukraine.ca) 


List of Resources: Support for the Ukrainian-Canadian community – MANSO (mansomanitoba.ca) 




Coming to Ontario from Ukraine | ontario.ca 


Dopomoha | Help Ukraine Toronto




Ukraine Update – JIAS Toronto – Jewish Immigrant Aid Services 




Welcoming Ukrainians to Québec | Gouvernement du Québec (quebec.ca) 


New Brunswick: 


Immigration and Settlement in New Brunswick, Canada (welcomenb.ca) 


Nova Scotia: 


– Settle Here (novascotiaimmigration.com) 




Always a Warm Welcome! Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada – Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism (gov.nl.ca) 


Home – Association for New Canadians NL (ancnl.ca) 




Welcome – Immigrant and Refugee Services Association PEI (irsapei.ca) 


Islanders offering support to Ukrainian refugees – Immigrant and Refugee Services Association PEI (irsapei.ca) 




Contact the Ukrainian family support desk | Government of Yukon 




Government of Nunavut | 


Northwest Territories: 


welcome_to_the_nwt_for_web.pdf (immigratenwt.ca) 


The federal government has committed to providing 6 weeks of emergency income support: 


Canada expands settlement support for Ukrainians coming to Canada – Canada.ca  


This support will be offered to all who request help – there will be no means test. More details on this income support program will be available in the coming weeks.  

Specific assistance for students can be found at the following link: 


University efforts to support those impacted by Ukraine invasion – Universities Canada (univcan.ca) 


Students are also encouraged to contact Student Services at their individual institutions.

To volunteer in Canada: 


Please visit the following sites according to the province/territory where you reside. Some provinces are still working on providing resource sites and we will share them as soon as we see they are available.


British Columbia: 


United for Ukraine | bc211 


Welcoming Ukraine – Province of British Columbia (gov.bc.ca) 


iVolunteer Powered by United Way British Columbia 








Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Saskatchewan Provincial Council (ucc.sk.ca) 




Manitoba For Ukraine (manitoba4ukraine.ca) 




Islanders offering support to Ukrainian refugees – Immigrant and Refugee Services Association PEI (irsapei.ca) 



To volunteer abroad: 

Overseas organizations have asked that only those who are trained or with experience (medical practitioners or those with experience doing humanitarian work), travel to war zones or adjacent countries. 

We also suggest contacting the Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate if one is located in your city (Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton): 

Homepage | Embassy of Ukraine to Canada (mfa.gov.ua) 

Contact your local UCC branch to check with them directly what do they accept and what items are needed. 


UCC Near You – The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) official website 

There is no specific sponsorship program, so if you have someone you personally know and want to sponsor, you can proceed on your own. The Ukrainian family or person can apply for a Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) document: Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel – Canada.ca and you can make travel and housing arrangements privately.  

The Government of Canada has created a site for Canadian employers to post employment opportunities: 




Employers may also contact our local UCC branches in case Ukrainians ask them for specific jobs opportunities. 


UCC Near You – The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) official website 

On May 11th, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced 3 federal charter flights to Canada for Ukrainians and their family members. The flights will be available to people approved through the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET) program.


Federal charter flights for Ukrainians who want to come to Canada  – Canada.ca


The Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship also announced on April 20, 2022 that Canada is setting up a program in partnership with Air Canada, The Shapiro Foundation and Miles4Migrants, in order to use donated funds or Aeroplan points to help Ukrainians fly to Canada. Details on how eligible Ukrainians can access the program will be available in the coming weeks.


There is now a waiting list for the Miles4Migrants Program that interested Ukrainians may add their names to:


Miles4Migrants – Ukrainians can apply for flight assistance to reach Canada – Miles4Migrants


For those who wish to donate miles/points or cash to this program, please click here:


Miles4Migrants – Support a flight for a refugee – Miles4Migrants


The Province of New Brunswick has also posted a form for Ukrainians who wish to apply for a charter flight from Warsaw to Canada in early May: 


GNB Events (hiringplatform.ca)