Before you start, check to see if there is a UCC Branch in your city. You can also see if there is a Provincial Council near you. To find out more, check out this list:

If you do not find your city, please send a Letter of Interest about establishing a new branch to the National Office at If there is a provincial council in your region, please copy them on the email.

If your province or territory has provincial councils, your (newly formed) branch will become a part of one. If there are no provincial councils in your province, you will be applying to become a national branch.

You can choose to elevate an existing organization to the status of a UCC Branch. This option involves transitioning your current organization into an official branch of the UCC. Alternatively, you have the option to create a UCC Branch entirely from the ground up.

At this stage, you may also want to hold conversation with other local Ukrainian community organizations to join efforts in establishing the branch.

*Kindly note that the UCC accepts only organizations, not individual members, at the provincial or national levels. However, individual members are welcome to join your local branch.


If you are in the process of considering the establishment of a branch, we kindly request that you formally review our Membership Checklist. It may be a helpful reference and guidance to get started. Please note that you do not need to fulfill every item on the list before initiating the conversation.

1. Is this a new or established organization? Do you have bylaws?
2. What is the structure of your organization? Do you have a Board of Directors? Is there liability insurance currently?
3. Who can become a member, how does voting work? How many members are there currently?
4. Do you hold Annual General Meetings? When do they take place?
5. Are there financial Statements and minutes kept and shared with members?
6. What are the regular activities of the organization, or planned activities for the coming year?
7. Are there annual events for special dates such as Holodomor Commemoration, Vyshyvanka Day etc?
8. Do you have any kind of registration locally/provincially or nationally as a non-profit?
9. Is the organization currently incorporated, or when is this planned?


We will arrange an exploratory meeting with your organization. During this meeting, we will delve into the criteria mentioned earlier and explore strategies and support mechanisms that can assist your organization in fulfilling these requirements effectively.


Decisions regarding branch membership are formally made during the Board of Directors Meeting. To be considered for branch membership, a member of the UCC Executive Board will need to nominate or advance your candidature.

As part of the process, you will be expected to deliver a presentation outlining your organization’s qualifications and the benefits of establishing a branch. Following your presentation, the Board of Directors will conduct a vote to determine whether your organization’s application for branch membership is approved.


Branches are required to meet specific criteria to maintain their status as a UCC Branch, which will be evaluated in the first year of membership.

• Minimum Membership: A branch should have a minimum between 5-10 members. This membership base ensures a foundation for branch activities and operations. It typically includes a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Members at Large.

• Event Requirements: Each branch is expected to host at least tw0 events annually, which typically include an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and one other event related to an annual occasion or special date. These events provide opportunities for members to come together and engage in branch activities.

• Participation in Board Meetings: Members of the branch are encouraged to actively participate in board meetings. These meetings are a platform for discussing branch activities, making decisions, and ensuring effective communication among branch members.

• Branch Membership Fees: Branches are required to pay membership fees. These fees support UCC’s events and initiatives such as Triennial Congress of the Ukrainian Canadians.

The UCC Board of Directors retains the authority to suspend an organization’s branch membership based on the grounds specified in the UCC By-laws. These specific reasons for suspension will be shared with your organization before your branch becomes a part of the UCC network.

UCC branch membership is not transferable.


Members pay to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress an annual membership fee prescribed by the Board of Directors.

Presently there are several categories of membership in the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, as follows:

1. Organizations, defined in the UCC Constitution, as organizations of membership category 3.(a), currently pay an annual membership fee of $1,200.

2. Organizations, defined in the UCC Constitution, as organizations of membership category 3.(b), currently pay an annual membership fee of $350.

3. Provincial Councils pay an annual membership fee of $350.

4. Branches pay an annual membership fee of $150.