Довідник для новоприбулих з України до Онтаріо за програмою CUAET

Originally launched in July 2022, our “Newcomers’ Guide 2.0” features extensive additions and updates. It provides critical support information to the thousands of displaced Ukrainians and their families who continue to settle in Ontario. We have also added a QR code for easier distribution and access.

This updated project is a result of the collaborative effort between UCC Ontario and UCC National. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this invaluable collaboration!

Please share with friends, family, and colleagues to ensure that this information is widely available to displaced Ukrainians across Ontario.

Since Russia launched a full-scale assault on Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, Canada has welcomed thousands of Ukrainian citizens forced to flee fleeing Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Approximately 80-90% of these newcomers have landed in Ontario through Toronto Pearson International Airport.

The resource package concisely identifies the multitude of needs that newcomers have, and provides clear information on how these needs can be met based on services provided by available provincial institutions. Specifically, the document provides key information on:

Documents of Life (SIN, OHIP)

Legal Rights in Canada

Phone & Wi-Fi Plans


Temporary and Permanent Housing

Financial Assistance and Services

Food Access




Employment Support

The package is available in English and Ukrainian languages. If you require other languages, please contact us at ucc@ucc.ca

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