• Demyan Hyworon, Chair
  • Nestor Budyk, Trustee
  • Walter Dlugosh, Trustee

The Purpose of the Trust


The purpose of the Trust, as outlined in the original document, is to advance the UCC’s charitable and educational activities.

The Purpose of the Trust shall be: to promote charitable, welfare, cultural, and educational activity among Ukrainian Canadians in accordance with the recommendations of the Presidium, (now known as Board of Directors) of the Ukrainian Canadian Committee within the meaning of the Income Tax Act pertaining to Charitable Trusts in order to ensure that every purpose for which the Trust’s funds will be used is of a charitable nature.

History of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Charitable and Educational Trust


The UCC Charitable and Educational Trust was officially established on April 18, 1969.

An agreement between the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, formerly known as the Ukrainian Canadian Committee, and the then called Ukrainian Canadian Committee Charitable and Educational Trust, was signed on April 29, 1969.

Signatories for the Ukrainian Canadian Committee were:

  • President – Dr. B. Kushnir
  • Vice President- Ivan Iwanchuk.

Signatories for the Ukrainian Canadian Committee Charitable and Educational Trust were:

First Trustees:

  • Chairman – John H. Syrnick
  • Secretary – Anthony J. Yaremovich
  • Treasurer – Semen Romaniw