What is the Shevchenko Medal?

The Shevchenko Medal is the highest degree of recognition that can be granted by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.  It recognizes individuals, of Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian descent, groups and organizations for their outstanding National voluntary contributiontowards the development and enhancement of the Ukrainian Canadian community. 

A maximum of twelve (12) Shevchenko medals will be awarded at the UCC Triennial Congress.  Award categories for medals are: 

Outstanding achievements or contributions in the field of:
- participatory leadership,
- competitive achievements,
- the development of community athletic programs
Culture and the Arts
Outstanding achievements in the field of:
- visual arts (including film and media),
- performing arts (music, dance, theatre),
- literary arts, - heritage (museums, archives, research)
Outstanding accomplishments contribution in sports through:
- participatory leadership,
- competitive achievements,
- the development of community athletic programs
Public Service
Significant support towards the development and advancement of community endeavours through:
- philanthropic patronage, advocacy,
- outstanding accomplishments in the public,
- entrepreneur, science and technology or business sector
Community Development
Outstanding leadership that contributes to the growth of the Ukrainian Canadian community

Outstanding achievements can be measured by the nominees’ level of excellence and initiative, their sustained body of work, commitment to volunteerism, peer recognition, and the nominees’ broad impact within and/or beyond the Ukrainian Canadian community, in Canada.

Nominee Criteria

Who is Eligible for the Medal? 

All Canadians – individuals, groups or organizations, who meet the criteria as stated below – are eligible to be nominated to receive the Shevchenko Medal.  

  • Canadian individuals, groups or organizations are eligible to be nominated for a Shevchenko Medal. 
  • The Ukrainian Canadian Congress – may bestow a Shevchenko award, through means of a special recognition, for their outstanding contribution to the Ukrainian Canadian community. 
  • Posthumous nominations are ineligible except in situations where the nominee is deceased after being recommended by the jury panel.

What criteria must a candidate achieve to be eligible for a Shevchenko medal? 

Nominees must have achieved: 

  • five significant accomplishments 
  • these accomplishments must have had a positive effect on the Ukrainian Canadian community at a Canadian National level (local, provincial or solely Ukraine focused achievements will not be considered)  
  • achieved predominantly through volunteer efforts 

Nomination Process

Individual Nominee:
An individual nominated for a Shevchenko medal must be endorsed by two nominators or by a UCC member organization. In order to qualify as a Nominator for an individual nominee, the nominator must be a member of a UCC member organization in good standing.
Group/Organization Nominee:
A group or an organization, nominated for a Shevchenko medal must be endorsed by two UCC member organizations, in good standing. In order for organizations to qualify as a nominator, the organization must be a UCC member organization, in good standing and is required to provide:
- two-member signatories and
- an excerpt of their organization minutes, approving the endorsement. This information is requested on the application form.

UCC Member organization – A member in good standing of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress National. 

  • In addition,Nominees (both individual and organizational) will be required to provide the names of two references (as per the nomination form), who are able to corroborate the achievements of the nominee. 

Click here to download the Shevchenko Nomination form for individuals. 

Click here to download the Shevchenko Nomination form for an organization.

How Do I Nominate Someone? 

By submitting a completed nomination form, with all the required documentation to UCC: 

  • Email:  [email protected]
  • Fax:      1-204-947-3882 or 
  • Mail:   Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Suite 203-952 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB R2W 3P4 

How Are Recipients Chosen? 

Upon the recommendation of the Shevchenko Jury committee, the UCC Board of Directors will approve the Shevchenko award recipients. 

All nominations remain confidential.  Recipients are announced three weeks prior to the commencement of the Triennial Congress or prior to an extraordinary UCC event. 

Who Serves on the Shevchenko Awards Jury? 

Members of the Shevchenko jury are appointed by the UCC Board of Directors.  Jury members may include former Shevchenko Medal recipients and community leaders.  

Who serves on the Shevchenko awards committee? 

The chair of the Awards committee is appointed by the UCC Executive Committee. The UCC board will appoint members to the UCC Awards committee upon recommendation of the chair. The committee will be in effect until the Triennial Congress, after which is is disbanded.

What Do Recipients of the Award Receive? 

During the Awards ceremony, recipients will receive a bronze Shevchenko Medal which is imbedded into a framed certificate, as well as a Shevchenko lapel pin.

To complete the Nomination Form 

Please print the application form and complete as requested.   

Once the nomination form is completed scan the form and email it to the above address or you may send hard copies to UCC offices.  Please ensure all supporting documentation accompanies the nomination form. Nomination forms cannot be completed online as signatures are required.  Please note deadline dates for submission are approximately 6 months prior to the Triennial Congress; specific dates will be announced on UCC’s website.   

Once the nomination form is received by UCC offices, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the application.   

Please take a moment to consider members of our community, who have demonstrated excellence through their outstanding achievements that have benefited the Ukrainian Canadian community, and complete the attached form.  

Inquiries regarding the Shevchenko Medal can be directed to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress at (204) 942-4627 or via email at [email protected]

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