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BCU Wealth Management will match your monthly giving donation for up to $10,000 from July 2023 to June 2024. 


Monthly giving offers a steady and predictable source of funding.

What are the benefits to being a monthly donor?  


Bigger charitable impact over time

Great way to include donations in your monthly budget

Recurring, easy to manage

Affordable, you decide when to change your donation

Double the impact with points on your credit card or bank account

How does the UCC benefit?  



Increased revenue

Fewer administrative costs

Decrease in marketing expenses and postage fees

Maximize your impact with affordable MONTHLY GIVING!

Monthly giving is affordable, flexible, easy, and safe. It is a stable source of support for the UCC-National. For only $83.33/month you can become a member of the President’s Club.

A) Make a charitable donation online to UCC Charitable & Educational Trust to support charitable, educational and cultural programs

B) Make a regular non-tax receiptable donation to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress

Download Donation Form

There are many other ways to donate to UCC, please click on the button below to learn more

Ways To Give