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Newcomer Resources by Province

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Where to donate to support Ukraine

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Stand With Ukraine campaign

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The Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven project is a national and coordinated communications initiative to bridge and link communications and resources with key stakeholders involved with supporting Ukrainians coming to Canada. A National Secretariat was established under CISSA-ACSEI to focus on post arrival planning phase for Displaced Ukrainians coming to Canada. This includes national communication objectives, including referrals for housing offers, donations, volunteers, jobs, and other key orientation resources and communications from provinces and territories.

RCMP and war crimes investigation

The RCMP is investigating war crimes in Ukraine.  If you have been in Ukraine since  February 24, 2022, and have relevant information, please contact the RCMP through the website (accessible in Ukrainian, Russian, French and English):

Національна поліція Канади (RCMP) розслідує військові злочини в Україні. Якщо ви перебували в Україні з 24 лютого і маєте відповідну інформацію, зв’яжіться з ними через веб-сайт (доступний українською, російською, французькою та англійською мовами).