About the Project

80 stories marking the 80th anniversary

This site will highlight the stories of 80 survivors of the Holodomor – 80 stories for the 80th anniversary. These 80 stories, as told by survivors living around the world, are representative of the stories of so many who experienced the wrath of a genocidal policy deliberately implemented with the goal of destroying a nation.

A survivor’s story will be added to this site daily leading up to International Holodomor Memorial Day on November 23 of this year.

We are grateful to the survivors for courageously sharing that which has been so difficult to relive. We are grateful to the survivors for sharing their stories. They continue to help us understand this terrible period in Ukraine’s history and it is our hope that the understanding of the Holodomor, the Ukrainian Famine-Genocide of 1932-33, will contribute to a better future.

This project was made possible with a donation in memory of two boys, Vasyl and Sashko, whose surviving brother Mykola never forgot how they died of hunger in the spring of 1933, in the village of Kozatske, Sumy oblast.