Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) launched the Ukrainian Canadian Youth Leadership Award of Excellence for outstanding leadership in 1998 to give recognition to young adult Ukrainian Canadians that have made significant contributions to the broader Ukrainian community and for the betterment of Canada.

Who is eligible for the Award?

Any young person of Ukrainian origin between 18 to 29 years old who has shown consistent involvement and a positive influence in the community life of Ukrainian Canadians.
Leadership in the community can be expressed as excellence in:

  • Communication
  • Initiative
  • Teamwork and consensus building
  • Establishing a positive profile for the Ukrainian Canadian community

Only individuals can be nominated.

Who can nominate candidates for this Award?

Any two persons or any organization can nominate an individual for the Ukrainian Canadian Youth Leadership Award of Excellence.

How can you nominate someone?

The deadline for submissions is June 30, 2022.  

If you experience difficulties filling out the online form, you can download a PDF copy here.

How are the recipients selected?

Recipients of the Award are selected by the UCC Board of Directors according to the recommendation of the selection committee appointed by the Board of Directors. All  nominations are confidential. Who is in the Selection Committee? The Selection committee is appointed by the UCC Board of Directors, currently consisting of the UCC Awards & Recognition committee.

What will the recipient of the Award receive?

Award winners will receive a certificate of recognition.

When can nomination forms for the Award be submitted?

Nominations can be submitted anytime, but awards are usually presented at a Triennial
Congress, once every three years.
Please check the UCC website for current nomination and presentation information.

If you require additional information regarding the Ukrainian Canadian Youth Leadership
Award of Excellence, please contact the Ukrainian Canadian Congress by tel. (866)
942-4627 or via email at

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